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All KLEYNOD brand watches are guaranteed for 36 months from the date of sale.

Warranty for the strap – 1 month.

Warranty service is carried out in the network of service centers, the addresses of which are listed in the passport and on our website.

  • Warranty conditions are set out in the passport, which is given to the buyer at the time of purchase.
  • The warranty is provided upon presentation of the warranty card with the stamp of the company and the defective product.
  • The warranty covers product defects caused by the fault of the manufacturer.
  • Replacement of faulty parts and related work is free of charge.
  • The warranty period for the product starts from the moment of sale of the product to the final consumer.
  • The warranty period of operation is extended by the time the product is under repair.

Repair or replacement of the watch within the warranty period, returning its value to the buyer is carried out in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On the Protection of Consumer Rights”.

Warranty does NOT apply to:

  • glass, watch strap/bracelet, case and bracelet coating, damage to strap/bracelet clasp;
  • watch without a passport with a company stamp;
  • watch that was not in warranty service;
  • watch with signs of violation of operating rules:
  1. traces of impacts and mechanical damage: dents, cracks, hands, numbers and dashes that bounced off, small scratches, absence or deformation of the crown;
  2. traces of unauthorized disclosure or repair attempts by unauthorized service centers;
  3. damages (external or internal) caused by any mechanical impact, shock or vibration loads, application of external force to parts of the product, broken glass, cracks, chips, scratches, surface scratches, deformation of materials and parts, breakage or bending of the axis translation head, detachment of the lugs of the case for fastening the bracelet;
  4. water damage to the watch due to violation of operating rules. The watch is not intended for swimming and immersion in water.
  5. damages that are the result of penetration of foreign objects, substances or insects inside the watch.
  6. damage as a result of caustic chemicals or solvents getting into the product.