In 2006, Kleynod first developed a special series of KLEYNOD INDEPENDENCE wristwatches dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine. The motif of the original design of the watches was the small national coat of arms of Ukraine and its main element – ​​the glorious Ukrainian trident. This festive series of watches was created by the plant’s specialists for the purpose of approving the idea of ​​Ukrainian statehood, consolidating the Ukrainian community and promoting the self-determination of Ukrainian citizens. In 2011, the next exclusive series of JEWELS OF INDEPENDENCE watches was released, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine. This collection continues the philosophy of previous models in women’s watches and offers fundamentally new approaches in the design of men’s watches. In 2016, a new limited series of “Jewels of Independence” watches was developed, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine. It combines advanced technologies and a unique design with motifs of the Ukrainian trident. These models are assembled on the basis of Swiss gold-plated mechanisms in a round two-component case.

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