Antonov Watches by Kleynod is a fundamentally new brand of wristwatches, as unique as its creators – Kyiv Watch Factory, the only manufacturer of Ukrainian watches "Kleynod" and SE " Antonov", a world-famous aircraft construction enterprise. In August 2019, an agreement on cooperation and exclusive partnership was concluded, and in September 2020, the official presentation of the brand took place. The result of the collaboration was a unique line of watches dedicated to the unsurpassed Antonov aircraft.
Our goal is to give the owner of the watch a sense of belonging to the world of aviation. Uniqueness and leadership, technical and aesthetic perfection, unconditional reliability, beauty and sophistication of every detail are the main values ​​of the newly created brand.

TM ANTONOV is used under the license of SE "ANTONOV", Kyiv, Ukraine.

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