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Origin of the brand

The name of the trademark takes its origins from the word “kleinod”, “kleinods” (from German: Клейноде and Polish: Klejnot-treasure, jewel) – special signs of state power, symbols of the power of the hetmans of Ukraine.

The most famous Hetman kleinods were mace, pernach, bunchuk. Jewels symbolized the victory and glory of their owners, their wisdom and special status. They were used in regalia and as decorations during celebrations and holidays.

The Kyiv Watch Factory is the first and only Ukrainian enterprise engaged in mass production of watches. It was founded in 1997 in Kyiv.

Establishment of the brand

In November 2002, for the first time in the history of Ukraine, the plant started manufacturing wristwatches under the Kleynod trademark.

The factory’s production program was initiated by a watch dedicated to the flight into space of Leonid Kadenyuk, the first cosmonaut of independent Ukraine.

Features of watches

A special feature of the production of Kleynod wristwatches is a unique ratio of price and high quality standards.

Swiss Mechanism
4-level principle of technical product control
stainless steel cases with gilding (IPG 16L brand)
36 month warranty

The watches are assembled by hand on the basis of reliable Swiss mechanisms, stainless steel cases (brand 316L) with IPG gilding, have a 4-level principle of technical control of products, the use of new generation RONDA mechanisms and a 36-month warranty.


The range of KLEYNOD watches includes more than 150 models from six original collections: Antonov Watches by Kleynod, Kleynod Independence, Embroidery by Kleynod, Kleynod Forces, the classic collection and the Kleynod Champion football series.


years of work


models in collections


thousands of released units


sales points


Today, Kleynod has more than 30 points of sale in Ukraine: a showroom in Kyiv, an online store and stores of trading partners.